February 27, 2015

FII/FPI Trading Activity for 27th February 2015

Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) / Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) Investments activity in cash market segment and derivative market segment for 27th February 2015.

The following is combined FII/FPI trading data across NSE, BSE and MCX-SX exchanges collated on the basis of trades executed by FIIs/FPIs.

FII/FPI trading activity for Capital Market Segment

Debt/Equity Investment Route Gross Purchases
(Rs Crore)
Gross Sales
(Rs Crore)
Net Investment
(Rs Crore)
Equity Stock Exchange 8535.12 6045.33 2489.79
Primary market & others 10.07 3.30 6.77
Sub-total 8545.49 6048.63 2496.56
Debt Stock Exchange 1024.81 544.73 480.08
Primary market & others 360.76 223.15 137.61
Sub-total 1385.57 767.88 617.69
Total 9930.73 6816.51 3114.25

The data presented above is compiled on the basis of reports submitted to depositories by custodians/DDPs on 27-FEB-2015 and constitutes trades conducted by FIIs/FPIs on and upto the previous trading days(s).

FII/FPI trading activity for Derivative Market Segment

BUY SELL Open Interest
No. of Contract Amount in Crore No. of Contract Amount in Crore No. of Contract Amount in Crore
Index Futures 176334 4234.25 206606 5105.18 810604 18709.45
Index Options 980546 25543.29 992654 25748.87 133148 38596.08
Stock Futures 471131 13927.28 495594 14730.35 1866645 55573.73
Stock Options 29076 920.42 27360 871.58 1373 42.05

The above report is compiled on the basis of reports submitted to depositories by NSE and BSE on 27-FEB-2015 and constitutes FIIs/FPIs trading / position of the previous trading day.

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Disclaimer: The above data is fetched from NSDL & CDLS website, and this trade data is provisional and subject to change, inter alia, on account of custodial confirmation process, modification etc. For final FII/FPI trade data please refer to NSDL & CDLS website.

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